Names I call my dog

I talk to my dog more than I talk to anyone else. To keep things interesting, I call her some weird $#!&
  1. Poppet
    'ello Poppet
  2. Poppet Anne Locket
    Her full given name
  3. Pawrappa tha Rappa
    So fly
  4. Dr. Poppoloppolis
    Paging Dr. Poppoloppolis, we need 50ccs of lovin', stat!
  5. Gravy
    And Mashed Potatoes!
  6. Pop-pop-pa-pop
    Master beggar
  7. McPoppers
    We love McDonalds
  8. The Foreman
    If the job goes sideways, blame the one in charge
  9. Space hog
    When she's taking up too much space