I'm back from an involuntary absence from li.st. (i miss you, I'm sorry.) Here's a li.st of excuses!
  1. Moving
    Last week I moved all my stuff 1400 miles across the country to be with @zeta (yes, she's that awesome irl) I'm really glad I did it in one trip, because it was #&$*ing exhausting.
  2. Data
    I've been in that between time, after my metered data ran out but before a new billing cycle started. I still had basic data, but it apparently wasn't enough to allow the app to function properly.
  3. BJ Novak
    I was so excited that @bjnovak actually liked one of my lists, I ran with the screenshot directly over to show my 450 Facebook friends. No one cared, I even "googled that for them" but not even a thumb from anyone but my girlfriend. So I lost faith in humanity for a minute.
  4. Muhammad Ali
    I went to the Funeral procession, it was emotional. This isn't an excuse or anything, just sayin'. Thanks for saying you were the greatest, then pushing yourself until you became it. God Bless, Allahu Akbar, Om nama Ali.