It seems like I've lived many lives by now. The worst ones were spent as a slave to a paycheck. I try not to do that anymore, here's why.
  1. Ethics
    No matter how innocuous a task appears, there's usually a dark side if someone pays you to do it. Your menial phone bank job supports the military complex and non-profits game the system. Someone, it seems, is always getting exploited. Often it's you.
  2. Economics
    Whether I made 17k or 70k, our entire economy depends on separating us from any surplus. This was never so obvious as when I started my own business and discovered how many parties wanted their piece of every dollar.
  3. Dignity
    The more you're paid, the more you're owned. No one likes a No-Man, prepare to be punished for the slightest dissent. I, among many, have PTSD from prolonged anxiety and sleep deprivation during my career.
  4. Classism
    She's a construction worker, he's a hair dresser. It never feels good to be marginalized. What do I do? I wander the Earth like Caine from Kung Fu.
  5. Health
    Sciatica, Arthritis, Blindness, Deafness, Ulcers, Cancers, loss of appendages, death. Work is probably the most dangerous place you spend most of your time!
  6. Sanity
    If $#&%¿÷ Brian sabotages one more of my projects I'm going to take his @$# out to a pig farm, it said in my HR file.
  7. Fun
    Remember fun, it was, fun, right? When did I stop having it? Let's take some mushrooms and go bowling on a Wednesday afternoon. Just swing by, I'll be here, since I don't have car insurance and my phone is out of minutes.