All cynicism aside, I decided the dating life just wasn't for me. Maybe some of you can relate to some of the reasons that got me to delete those hookup apps.
  1. Money
    When it comes to going out, I order off the value menu. To pretend I don't just to avoid embarrassment, isn't very honest. I'd rather spin a 40 in the alley.
  2. Conversation
    You're expected to make an impression and come up with interesting things to say. Most of my best stories involve psychedelic drugs and dropout communities. So, seen any good movies lately?
  3. Career
    Eventually it's going to come up, if it hasn't already. The most marginalizing phrase in the English Language. "What do you do for work?" I gave up a lucrative career in anxiety to be a traveling musician and writer. So, whatever I want.
  4. Future
    Where do I see myself in ten years? In a cabin in the woods somewhere all Walden Pond.
  5. Sex
    It's a natural, zesty, enterprise. But then what, more dates, or can you just skip to the sex now? If the goal is a sex partner, should we really be judging based on marital qualities, or just go with raw appeal? Dating is not the only avenue to get to the pants party.
  6. Travel
    I'm on the move relentlessly, rarely spending more than a few months in one place. While that appeals to some prospective partners, it also creates a situation of detachment. It can start to feel sort of hollow.
  7. Most important reason ...