I love li.st, it caters to my natural inclination to itemize and organize my life. Here's a few things I think could make li.st even better, I hope you'll add your ideas to this.
  1. Nested Lists
    My lists are often complex, I like breaking down line items into sublists. Since carriage returns are scrubbed and code is neutralized, I have found no convenient way to do this. An option for circle list items in descriptions could be of huge benefit.
  2. Priority Feeds
    I like to follow a lot of people, as I like to see a lot of perspectives represented. However, there's some users I follow closer than others. A way to bump their li.sts to the top of the feed, or temporarily filter the feed, would allow users to further customize their experience.
  3. Minimizing (android)
    Usually I switch to chrome or another app in the middle of composing a list. When I return, often after less than 60 seconds, the app dumps me back to feed. While my draft has been saved, I now have to return to my profile to find it. This is not a dealbreaker, but could be considered.
  4. App Footprint (android)
    The app itself seems to toll heavy on weaker processors and consume a lot of battery. These are not confirmed issues or complaints, just my personal perspective.
  5. Rewards
    Here is a li.st suggestion for a points/reward system (li.xp) Li.xp; Experience Points