Many of these Bars actually exist. The rest, perhaps, ought to.
  1. The Iso-Bar
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    Where Weather Geeks go get a drink. ISOBAR - Lines of constant atmospheric pressure portrayed on a weather map. Reveals instantly where high & low pressure systems are located.
  2. The Sand-Bar
    Sandbar 24
    Where Surfer Geeks go to get a drink. Depending on the speed of shallow ocean waves or river currents, the moving water can lift sand and carry it from one location to another. When the deposits create a shallow area, we call them sandbars. Dangerous for ships. But fun to stand tall in the middle of otherwise deep waters.
  3. The Bar Sinister
    Screen shot 2016 05 20 at 12.53.21 am
    Where Evil Lefties go to get a drink. Family crests often featured a bar passing from the upper left to the lower right. But if the bar starts in the upper right and drops to the lower left, it's a Bar Sinister (From Latin meaning left) and rumored to mean your side of the family came from illegitimate births. In literature, such people are often portrayed as evil and conniving.
  4. The Bar
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    Where Attorney's go to get a drink.
  5. The Bar-Gain
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    Where Discount Shoppers go to get a drink.
  6. The Bar-Olo
    Schiavenza barolo in tasting expensive wines
    Where Italian wine lovers go to get a drink. In this bar, they're guaranteed to serve Barolo wine. One of the most sought-after wines in Italy, Barolo is made from the Nebbiolo grape and grown in the Piedmont section of Northern Italy.
  7. The Candy Bar
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    Where people with a sweet tooth go to get a drink.
  8. The Bar-re
    Joffrey 14
    Where Ballet Dancers go to get a drink.
  9. The Bar Bell
    Where Body Builders go to get a drink.
  10. The Ba-Bar
    Where dapper elephants go to get a drink.
  11. The h-Bar
    Where Quantum Physicists go to get a drink. In 1900 the German physicist Max Planck discovered a new physical constant that bears his name, and is represented by the letter "h". It's the foundation of quantum physics. There's a version of Planck's constant, which proves useful in writing some quantum formulas, in which we divide h by 2pi. That, we call "h-bar", and is written with a little line through the vertical part of the lower-case h.
  12. The Bar None
    Where everybody can go to get a drink.
  13. The Bar Stool
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    Where proctologists go to get a drink.
  14. The Bar-Mitzvah
    Where Jewish boys who have come of age go to get their first drink.
  15. The Mars Bar
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    Where Aliens will likely go first when they need a drink.
  16. The Bar Code
    Upc bar code
    Where Inventory Specialists go to get a drink.
  17. The Bar-Bados
    Screen shot 2016 05 20 at 12.42.58 am
    Don't tell me there isn't a place in Barbados with this name.
  18. The Bar-Ber
    Where you can get a haircut while enjoying a drink.
  19. The Bar-Celona
    Don't tell me there isn't a place in Barcelona with this name either.
  20. The Bar-F
    Where drinking and retro-peristalsis go together.
  21. The Bar-Ista
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    A place that specializes alcohol-based coffee drinks.
  22. The Bar-y-on
    Where particle physicists go to get quarked. A BARYON ("barry yon") is a class of subatomic particles comprised of three quarks. All Protons & Neutrons as well as their antimatter counterparts are Baryons. From Greek "barus" meaning "heavy".
  23. Milky Way Bar
    Mwart spitzer f50
    Our Milky Way, like many other spiral galaxies, has a bar-shaped formation of stars & gas that crosses its central region. Not revealed until a few decades ago, this "Milky Way bar" is now captured in all artists renditions of what our galaxy would look like if we could see it from the outside.