Inspired by the universe itself.
  1. “Quinn” & “Tessence”
    From Quintessence, the fifth essence after Earth Air, Water, & Fire.
  2. “Aster” & “Roid”
    From, of course, the name given to the craggy chunks of rock that orbit the Sun, mostly between Mars and Jupiter.
  3. “Crescent" & “Gibbous”
    The two phases of the Moon that are not New, Half, or Full.
  4. “Spirit” & “Opportunity”
    Twin intrepid NASA rovers on Mars.
  5. “Zenith" & "Nadir”
    The points directly above your head and directly below your feed on the sky.
  6. “Up” & “Down”; “Top” & “Bottom”; “Strange” & “Charmed"
    Name pairs for the three known Quark families.
  7. “Oblate” & “Prolate”
    Distorted spheres, resembling the shapes of a hamburger and a hot-dog.
  8. “Perigee” & “Apogee”
    The nearest and farthest points from Earth in the Moon’s oval orbit.
  9. “Elgenubi” & “Eschamali”
    From the brightest stars in the constellation Libra, the Scales. Full names are Zuben'elgenubi and Zuben'eschamali.
  10. “Kuiper” & “Oort”
    The Solar System’s two great Comet repositories. Named for Gerard Kuiper and Jan Oort.
  11. “Ida” & “Dactyl”
    First asteroid (Ida) known with a moon (Dactyl).
  12. “Castor” & “Pollux”
    Brightest stars of the constellation Gemini, the Twins.
  13. “Dawn” & “Dusk”
    The sky just before sunrise and just after sunset.
  14. “Terra” & “Luna”
    Latin for Earth and the Moon.
  15. “Phobos” & “Deimos”
    The two moons of Mars.