1. This app is a bit daunting
  2. Sandwiches can be both efficient and inefficient meals
  3. Speaking of which sand is pretty annoying
  4. I imagine the first man that hopped in the test plane to break the sound barrier was a little nuts
  5. I believe the next most common everyday used item to be completely rendered useless is the Pen. Which is sad to me as once and for all the sword will be shown to truly be the mightier weapon
  6. Loose fitted clothing is just so far superior to any thing else
  7. The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar there will be sun....it's an ingenious proverb this song and I'm no gambler
  8. I am not sure there is one human who could reach into a bag of potato chips or Doritos and literally eat just one. I think they were right about that, and what a luxury to have in your back pocket something to sell where by you have instant resistance to indulgence
  9. There may be no greater display of trust in humanity than getting behind the wheel of a car.....most people, I am sorry, should be tested WEEKLY
  10. Bless all those who employee themselves and willingly contribute to society, but I am not sure I could last very long if my daily duties were that of manning a jackhammer
  11. The idea of sardines in that little tin can kind of makes me sick and it's quite bizarre, what other food product is sold that way? Where you peel metal back with a little key
  12. The early bird may get the worm, but they also apparently get a lot of extra work since the boss also likes to get in early, thus when no one else is around, yeah you win alright as he looks to you to take care of whatever new project he dreamed up
  13. Nostalgia set in big time for me today as I sat in a meeting of 5 grown humans and for one whole hour not one reached for their phones, can you imagine the chaos that existed on the other end of each of those phones
  14. Trophies are strange
  15. A rolling stone gathers no moss, oh wait somebody already thought that
  16. I realized today that I am capable of standing on either foot while suspending the other foot in the air to either put on and tie my shoes or untie and remove my shoes.
  17. Today's overprotective societal movements have really taken a toll on the lost art of dressing up in old time costumes and caroling through the neighborhood at Christmas
  18. There really isn't a good reason why we only have 26 letters in our English Alphabet. I propose we add more, I mean case in point the word Epiphanies, if we aren't going to use an "F" then make the "ph" sound a new letter altogether