This has to be the worst

  1. Middle of the afternoon
  2. You are starting to get those sluggish feelings
  3. Got it
  4. I will go down to get some Cheez-its
  5. You get yourself good and ready
  6. And you smooth out your $1 bill so the machine accepts it and
  7. BAM the bag gets stuck
  8. Now you are getting frustrated a little, maybe a lot
  9. You shake the machine a little thinking it has to fall right?
  10. Not budging
  11. Ok you decide I'll just get another bag and save it for my next snack need
  12. Get out another $1 smooth it out and the second bag will just move the first out of the way and we are all set
  13. AHHHHHHH!!!!!
  14. What happened can both bags be stuck!!!!
  15. Now you shake the machine yet again, definitely hoping no one sees you as this time you are $2 invested and no damn Cheez-its!!!! So the shaking takes on a more serious tone
  16. To no avail
  17. You simply walk back upstairs and live for another day less $2 and no snack
  18. Now this didn't happen to me I just envisioned the sort of activity which occurred when I came down for some pretzels and found this scene