Unused because I had two boys. Not ranked.
  1. Opal
    Nickname Opie
  2. Margot
  3. Rosemary
    Currently #1
  4. Simone
    Too serene
  5. Athena
    Too much
  6. Bijou
    Kinda slutty but I love it. Also a poodle.
  7. Mia
    Too popular but actually perfect
  8. Jemma
    Must be with a J but the J makes it trashy
  9. Genevieve
    My husband insisted on pronouncing it the French way. So, no.
  10. Lou
  11. Margaret
  12. Diana
  13. Una
    Too little and sad
  14. Zinnia
    A girl needs more than a flower.
  15. Zipporah
    Called Zippy. Zeke thought I made this up.
  16. Zia
    For New Mexico. But also means Aunt.
  17. Zella
    I really wanted a Z girl name
  18. Gloria
    Love the grandma reference but the 'g' is too gulpy