Just some ramblings about lingering feels
  1. You have always felt out of place and unwelcomed
    And you probably still do from time to time. Even around family and good friends, there is still that uneasy feeling of being somewhere you shouldn't.
  2. No one invites you to anything. Ever.
    You either end up spending the time with yourself or inviting yourself along.. Which let's be real that rarely ever happens.
  3. Social media is your worst enemy
    Seriously.. Whose idea was all of this modern day social networking? As if my self esteem hasn't taken enough low blows.
  4. The love-hate relationship you develop with time spent alone
    I love me, I'm honestly a great time. But I feel that others should get the chance to love me and experience this great time as well.
  5. The amazing sense of self you acquire
    Becoming one with our self and mastering meditation is indescribably blissful.
  6. Staying in touch with the people you love is inexplicably difficult
    I wanna talk to you, but I don't want to bother you and I definitely don't want to be ignored.. We haven't talked in a while anyways, I'm sure if you wanted to catch up you would talk to me.
  7. An overwhelming sense of regret when you think of the past
    Could've done this.. Should've said that.. Would've went there and done that. No one likes to dwell on the past, but it happens more than I'd like to admit.
  8. Connecting with others and making new friends seems nearly impossible
    But that's okay because being a lone wolf is what we are best at. And the right people come along eventually.
  9. Always wanting to break out of your character and step into the spotlight
    The famous inner discourse "No more holding back! This is it! I'm gonna show the world what I'm made of and what everyone has been missing out on!" "... Wow that didn't work at all." Maybe next time..