We decided to be tourists in LA.
  1. We started out the day at Barnsdall Park.
    Where I obviously couldn't pass up the opportunity to be touristy af.
  2. Where we then toured Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House.
    Basically what I've learned from the multiple FLW houses I've toured is you'll get a pretty result eventually, but don't hire FLW to build you a house if you actually want to live in your house.
  3. We also visited the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, also at Barnsdall Park.
    The pieces varied in piquing my interest, but some of them were great. This one, called Font by Blue McRight, was my favorite.
  4. We then went to lunch at this great place in Silverlake called Millie's. I didn't take any pictures, but afterward I dragged my Mom & @crackdkettle to Intelligentsia because obviously.
  5. Then we drove up into a neighborhood with some of the most absurd streets ever to drive by the Ennis House - another Frank Lloyd Wright.
    I guess if you can afford to live in this neighborhood you can afford to hire someone else to drive you up to your house.
  6. This was our favorite of the other houses in the neighborhood.
  7. Then we made our way up through traffic more absurd than the freeways on a Friday to the Griffith Observatory.
    Because we hadn't been in ages & Agent Carter made me want to revisit.
  8. I took a picture of Copernicus (& the others) to send to my uncle.
    He currently lives in Warsaw - CEE border history is ridiculous, but Copernicus was born in Toruń & many Poles consider him their own.
  9. I took this in the downstairs Depth of Space exhibit after crying through a movie about the observatory's history narrated by Leonard Nimoy.
    (I miss him so much.)
  10. I was obsessed with this sign posted on the Foucault's pendulum just inside the main doors.
  11. We left before sundown, but we still got to see Jupiter through the Zeiss telescope.
    It looked like our moon with stripes, and it was amazing.
  12. It was honestly a perfect day.