1. One of my uncle's senior photos (from 1970something).
    He looks ridiculous and it makes me happy.
  2. I took this picture whilst driving* & missed the part where this dog had his chin resting atop the side mirror by like 10 seconds. But trust me, it was even cuter than you can imagine.
    *Calm down; it was rush hour in LA.
  3. I was trying to get a decent picture of the Matterhorn from my Dumbo.
    This was the best of the lot, so that tells you how that went.
  4. Selfie I took after doing my makeup in the car this morning, trying to make sure my eyebrows weren't terrifying (I can only see 1/3 of my face in the visor mirror so it's hard to tell).
    They're still weird; I know (but not terrifying, I'm pretty sure. so).
  5. Took this on Saturday at Soka University in Aliso Viejo; it's a piece (two pieces?) in an art exhibition currently on display in their Founder's Hall.
    I'm not sure the name of the piece/s, but the exhibition is called Essence of Being, by Natasha Shoro & Anushe Shoro