1. Help, I've Run Out of Things to Write
  2. The World Has Changed But I'm Too Self-Involved to Notice So I Don't Get Why Kids These Days Aren't Carbon Copies of Me
  3. The World Is Kinda Shit Right Now But It Definitely Doesn't Have Anything to Do With the Generation That Made the Choices That Made It That Way
  4. Not Everyone Makes the Same Choices I Did & I Don't Understand It
  5. I Live In a Parallel Universe Where the Economy Is Great So I Don't Get Why Kids These Days Think They're Screwed
  6. I Hate Those Newfangled Computer Things So I Used a Stick to Scratch This Article Into a Clay Tablet Which Is Not a Kind of Technology because Technology Has Ruined Everything Especially People Younger Than Me
  7. It Is Definitely NOT the Economy, Stupid.
  8. In My Day We Didn't Have Any Modern Technology & Technology Therefore Had No Effect On Our Lives & Also I'm An Idiot
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