Wait dreaming up Broadway revivals isn't what everyone does in their spare time?
  1. Aida - Uzo Aduba
    I mean, I don't even know how to justify this because it's so obvious? She would be an absolutely perfect Aida, & just ~imagining hearing her sing Easy As Life is enough to bring me to tears. & real talk: if you wouldn't die on a battlefield for Uzo Aduba you are either a fool or lying to yourself or both.
  2. Amneris - Lindsay Mendez
    I feel like Lindsay tends to get cast as the ugly/homely girl with brains & a heart of gold (see Wicked; Dogfight). & she's great at it (even though I find it bizarre because she's unbelievably gorgeous), but I think she'd be so great as Amneris because she'd still be a girl with brains/a heart of gold but it'd ALSO be a slightly atypical role for her & it would be so interesting and so great to see her in something that showcased a different aspect of her immense talent.
  3. Radames - Josh Paul Young
    If I had a time machine I would take you all back to see Josh as Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar because I feel like you can't fully comprehend the depths of his talent until you see him live. His voice is amazing, but his presence is absurdly magnetic. & he has the whiny yet somehow still absurdly hot character thing down pat because (as I've previously noted: DUDES IN MUSICALS WHO CAN DEFINITELY NOT GET IT) Judas canNOT get it, but Josh's Judas? I would a million times over.
  4. Zoser - Wayne Brady
    This one took me awhile, but someone had Let's Make A Deal on in the break room at work yesterday & it hit me how perfect he'd be? I mean, idek how I got this from LMAD, but I really feel like Wayne could absolutely perfectly capture and maintain the balance between being both a caricature of a villain and pretty genuinely scary. (Plus he's talented and hot as hell and I can't think of a lot of things I wouldn't want to see him in.)