My mom had the day off, & we had free Metrolink tickets, which she was super excited to use (...it's public transit? idgi), so we went to @thebroadmuseum thanks to the onsite ticket line (though sadly, due to the holiday, the Infinity Room list was full by the time we got in). I'm obsessed & want to move to LA now. Or at least go back next week.
  1. The Broad - Diller Scofidio + Renfro
  2. White Flag - Jasper Johns
  3. Tulips - Jeff Koons
  4. Untitled [Rome] - Cy Twombly
  5. Rose (V) - Cy Twombly
  6. Deutschlands Geisteshelden - Anselm Kiefer
  7. Jim Beam -- J. B. Turner Train - Jeff Koons
  8. Inflammatory Essays - Jenny Holzer
  9. (This particular Inflammatory Essay)
  10. Untitled - Barbara Kruger
  11. Under the Table - Robert Therrien
  12. African't - Kara Walker
  13. Away from the Flock - Damien Hirst
  14. The Walk Home - Julian Schnabel
  15. Untitled - Rudolf Stingel
  16. Untitled - Urs Fischer
  17. Bateau de Guerre - Chris Burden
  18. Death of Marxism, Women of All Lands Unite - Goshka Macuga
  19. The Visitors - Ragnar Kjartansson
    (detail) (Both audial & visual, this nine-screen installation plays/shows the artist & several of his friends simultaneously performing the same song in separate rooms of a mansion. It's maybe the best completely immersive installation I've ever experienced.)