1. Teen Beach 2
    The sequel to the Disney Channel movie where a girl & her boyfriend get trapped in his favorite musical 'Wet Side Story' (shockingly not a porno). In this one the musical's characters come to visit! It has great songs & a fab feminist message & tbh I'm probably gonna (re)watch it later.
  2. Lilo & Stitch
    Haven't seen this since it came out, & don't remember liking it all that much, but everyone else I know adores it, so at some point I should probably give it another shot.
  3. Mandie & the Forgotten Christmas
    Apparently this is based on The Mandie Books, one of my favorite book series from childhood. I'm a little afraid to watch it, even though I hardly remember most of what happened throughout the books.
  4. Chalet Girl
    Stars Felicity Jones as a cash-strapped former pro skateboarder who picks up work as some sort of caterer/maid at the Swiss Chalet of a super wealthy family & discovers both her talent for snowboarding & how charming Ed Westwick can be (if I recall correctly).
  5. Star Trek XI
    I forgot Netflix took this off. 😟😠 Also I'm too lazy to find my DVD.
  6. My Father the Hero
    This stars Gérard Depardieu as a dad who takes his 14-year-old daughter, Katherine Heigl, on vacation to the Caribbean. Evidently Katherine is going to try to impress a hot boy by telling him Gerard is her boyfriend. So far it's exactly as terrible as it sounds, & I'm loving it.