I'm a huge proponent of trying everything at least once, & I rarely find food I dislike. There's almost nothing I've tried that I absolutely would not ever let touch my lips again (& I've tried a lot of things), but these are the things I stay away from.
  1. Aspic
    Honestly I actually really like gelatin & I love veggies & I love meat, but we had this when I spent Easter with my Polish family, served in slices on lettuce leaves & drizzled in white vinegar & it was just. Not good. The aspic itself had absolutely no flavor; I didn't even know that was possible? I feel like I'm ready to give it another chance, but not if it's made by my cousin. (Because, you know, aspic is on every menu!)
  2. Tripe
    I've tried this in menudo & also in flaczki (a traditional Polish soup), & I just can't with the texture.
  3. Bleu cheese
    It tastes & smells & has the texture of vomit.
  4. Truffles
    These taste and smell like bad breath & spread that nastiness to anything they touch. I don't understand why they're a thing.
  5. Veal
    Freshman year of college a friend did a speech for her comm class about veal production. I was her test audience. I feel like an asshole about this, because I have no problem eating other animals (like seriously, I've eaten horse (& enjoyed it)(& also think the distinction b/t horses & other animals we eat is pretty arbitrary)), but I still just can't do veal.
  6. Cilantro
    Honestly I've just given up on avoiding this. I don't understand the appeal, but I don't hate the taste anymore, and I'm not giving up pico de gallo any time soon either, so whatever, throw some extra leaves on my burrito while you're at it.
  7. Cool Whip
    This is the one thing on this list that I would never ever eat again. It shouldn't even count as a food product.