Inspired by @angela3950. Sorry I've been a little slow with this...feel free to ignore if you're more on top of things than I!
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    So I wrote a list last year that remains applicable, & it is here:
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    Some other things include:
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    Inspired by @bredee: a charitable donation in my name.
    Some of my favorite organizations are Planned Parenthood, ACLU, Amnesty International, MAZON, and A21.
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    Some kind of cute tote bag.
    My definition of cute is pretty flexible - I think the most important things to note are that I like things with text & blue is my favorite color.
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    Gold or rose gold desk accessories.
    From push pins to desk trays to staplers. I'm obsessed with this Kate Spade stapler, but I definitely don't expect or want you to spend $30+ on a stapler. Just, you know, this is the vibe I'm going for.
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    Your favorite mascara (or if you don't have one, the favorite mascara of someone you know with great lashes).
    Again I don't expect you to go crazy here, but mascara is the one product I never wanna live without, so I'm always on the lookout for amazing ones.
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    A time machine so I can somehow prevent or at least skip the last two weeks/next four (maximum, hopefully) years.
    Look, it can't hurt to ask, right? (If you wanna include Abigail, Matt, &/or Malcolm that's also cool.)
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    Anything you want to share with me. I already know you are a lovely person, & I know whatever you give me will be wonderful!
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