When we were unemployed and broke in DC, @crackdkettle and I basically lived on this, pasta, and the bacon ends & pieces you can get for $3-4/lb at Trader Joe's, and it was kind of the best (I mean, it was also awful, but the food was good!).
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    Get a loaf of bread. One of those big fluffy white Italian/French loaves you can grab at the store for less than two bucks.
    You can probably use another kind, but I make no guarantees as to quality. Also, why would you?
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    Grab a bunch of garlic and mince it. You're gonna need at least 6 largish cloves, but I tend to go for more like 8-10.
    @crackdkettle's garlic mincer is one of my favorite kitchen tools, but a knife'll do the job too.
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    Put a stick (4oz) of soft butter and your minced garlic in a bowl. Stir it thoroughly.
    To quickly soften refrigerated butter, I find it best to cut it into like ten pieces and mash it with a fork. If that's taking too long/the butter is still too hard, throw it in the microwave for 5-15 seconds (depending on how powerful your microwave is - but you do NOT want it to melt).
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    Cut your loaf of bread in half crosswise & then again lengthwise.
    Cut it into slices if you want to, but if you don't have to share, it's just as good by loaf quarters. Trust me.
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    Slather it in garlic butter.
    Seriously. Don't skimp. SLATHER.
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    Stick it under your broiler for maybe 5-7 minutes? Idk, every broiler is different, but just leave it in until the edges are crispy and golden.
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    Some notes: I've made this with a 2:1 mix of fresh & roasted garlic, which is divine. If you wanted to throw on some shaved Parmesan, it definitely wouldn't hurt. If your mother isn't the pickiest person in the history of time, a sprinkling of fresh parsley would also be delicious.
    On the other hand, I'm not gonna lie to you: this doesn't require embellishment. Sometimes simple is best.