I actually don't have a very good memory, but I guess these are my versions of my father's story about JFK's assassination that would to this day make me scream if I had to hear it one more time.
  1. My mother told my sisters and me that our dad was moving out.
    Sitting on the floor in the family room of my childhood home.
  2. The second tower of the World Trade Center fell.
    Sitting on the floor of my mother's bedroom in my childhood home, watching it collapse.
  3. I was, for the first time, fully aware that I was experiencing sexual harassment.
    Brussels, on a work trip with my aunt & on my own for the afternoon, being followed around by a man I couldn't shake & finally (& stupidly but with a decent result) confronted. He finally agreed to leave me alone when I lied & told him I had a boyfriend.
  4. I fell irrevocably in love with Hillary Clinton, even though I still considered myself a Republican & had been raised to despise the Clintons.
    Sitting cross-legged in front of the tv in the living room of my childhood home at 2:30am, watching a rerun of the previous day's Meet the Press for a class assignment, listening to her explain why she voted for the Iraq War.
  5. I knew that Kraków was a home to me just as much as my hometown was/is.
    Standing on ul. Grodzka talking with my favorite undergrad professor who was visiting & he looked down at me & said, 'You're just really happy here, aren't you?'
  6. Hillary Clinton announced she was dropping out of the 2008 Presidential Primary.
    In my bedroom at my parents' house in Texas, devastated & crying.
  7. I found out Obama had won the 2008 election.
    In my bedroom at my parents' house in Texas, also crying, but in happiness this time.
  8. My then-best friend told me she didn't want me to be in her wedding anymore.
    Sitting on the floor of my parents' guest bedroom/gym/tv room in their house in Texas, very concertedly NOT crying.
  9. I got the email telling me I had passed the Bar.
    Air mattress in my law school friend's apartment.
  10. I realized I couldn't make it in NYC anymore.
    Crouching on the floor behind the register at my shitty barista job, sobbing, having just been screamed at by the owner who didn't comply with labor laws for daring to ask the guy who did payroll questions about something he wanted me to sign.
  11. I saw my grandmother alive for the last time.
    I don't want to talk about it.
  12. Hillary Clinton became the first woman to ever be declared the presumptive Presidential nominee of a major political party.
    In my car in gridlock on the 405 (but definitely not, hypothetical future children, looking at Twitter while driving 😒🙃). Reader, I screamed (& then cried; do you know me at all?!).