Inspired by @Nicholas & everyone else.
  1. Sandwich
    Multi-grain bread. Pesto on one side; mayo on both. Genovese salami for sure; throw on some speck and mortadella if you really love me. Gouda cheese. Roasted red peppers, olives, tomatoes. I will take two bites of this & then disassemble it to eat in order of least- to best-liked ingredients, & will be therefore be needing a side of no judgment.
  2. Wrap
    Extra mayo & fresh horseradish. Tomato. Sliced avocado. Salami & rare roast beef. The sharpest cheddar you can find.
  3. Burrito
    California. Potatoes are spicy & breakfast-style. Extra pico. No sour cream. Lots of pickled carrots on the side.
  4. Pizza
    Deep dish. Savory sauce that's garlicky af. Toppings will vary, but sausage and tomatoes would be a good place to start.
  5. Mixed Drink
    One shot of Żubrowka; half a shot of Krupnik. In autumn/winter, top off with apple juice & garnish with a sprinkle of cinnamon; in spring/summer, soda & a squeeze of lime. I will settle for rye with a couple ice cubes & a twist of lemon.
  6. Coffee
    Autumn/Winter/Spring: flat white, whole milk. Summer: Cold brew in the biggest cup you have, extra half & half, 1 raw sugar.
  7. Sushi
    Philadelphia roll with fresh (not smoked) salmon. Then bring me all the salmon sashimi you have.
  8. Concert
    Small venue. Temperature controlled/not too hot. No one has to stand if they don't want to. Everyone in the audience shuts the fuck up when the music is happening except for during that one song we all sing along to.
  9. Christmas Eve Service
    Takes place by candlelight. Consists primarily of the whole congregation singing Christmas carols together. Must include O Holy Night & O Come, O Come Emanuel. The very best would include Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella & It Came Upon a Midnight Clear. Someone reads the Christmas story. We end by lighting candles & singing Silent Night in multiple languages at midnight. No one even thinks about A Charlie Brown Christmas, much less plays it.