1. State Fair
    Rodgers & Hammerstein works in general were a very key part of my childhood, but this one will always be my fave.
  2. Pan Tadeusz
    Andrzej Wajda's film adaptation of the epic poem by Adam Mickiewicz (aka national poet of Poland [& Lithuania & Belarus; CEE border history is super fun]; aka love of my life). Pretty boring; excessively beautiful.
  3. Muppet Treasure Island
    Somehow everyone I know is OBSESSED with The Muppets in a way I do not understand at all, & yet hardly anyone has seen this film. Which is crazy because it's AMAZING. My sister & I still quote it like once a week.
  4. White Christmas
    How do you even celebrate Christmas without watching this? I'm not convinced it can be done. Also: Danny Kaye; can we talk about formative crushes.
  5. Wojna Światów – Następne Stulecie
    (War of the Worlds - Next Century) Literally the only thing I have ever torrented, because I saw it in a Polish Cinema class, became obsessed, & it was the only way I could get my hands on it. It's like if 1984 & Invitation to a Beheading had a[n even more] surreal & horrifying & perfect child. Roman Wilhemi is a Revelation.
  6. Bride & Prejudice
    Jane Austen? Good. Gurinder Chadha? Good. Bollywood? Good. Naveen Andrews, Aishwarya Rai, Indira Varma, & Daniel Gillies? Goooooooooooood.
  7. Margin Call
    Why have I watched this like 20 times? Idk but it's so good. (Also the scene on the bridge with Paul Bettany & Penn Badgley.) (Also I would watch Stanley Tucci watch paint dry.)
  8. Teen Beach Movie
    Musicals & low-key feminism are my jam.
  9. The North Avenue Irregulars
    Honestly just thinking about this movie makes me cry with laughter. There's this scene where Cloris Leachman exacts revenge on this mobster dude who ruined her freshly manicured nails that's maybe the best thing that has ever happened to comedy.