Inspired by @Diplomatic_diva
  1. There are frequently flowers in our house, but we have a nearly-unspoken pact to never ever ever buy them as a gift for each other because they're a dumb gift that pretty much shouldn't even count.
  2. We always each push the other to eat the last one of something. Ultimately we decide to split it. Somehow we never skip the bickering.
  3. When a band we love releases a new album we lie on the floor of our living room or in the grass in a park and listen to it with headphones in, all the way through, in order. We don't really talk about it afterward, but we know what each other's favorite song on the album was.
  4. 95% of the time the only PDA we indulge in is hand-holding, but we do it pretty much constantly and everyone hates us for it.
  5. We go to museums and spend too much time looking at one or two pieces/artifacts, and you never mention how much I'm like my mother when I get yelled at for standing too close to something.
  6. We cook together - & have an understanding that what that usually looks like is you putting everything away after I cook everything and wash most (but definitely not all) of the dishes.
  7. We curl up on the sofa & run fingers through each other's hair & read aloud to each other, teaching each other our selves through old favorites & finding new ones together.
  8. We travel to the places in our books we can reach in real life, tracing the paths we learned therein, staying in charming little inns & guesthouses - the kind that leave chocolates on your pillow & have heaven-puffed duvets on the beds & serve coffee too good to ever replicate at home. Every so often we camp, so we can remember why we hate it.
  9. We perpetually marathon Star Trek, starting with TOS and working our way through in a never-ending loop. We always skip the Q episodes & yell about how everyone is in love with each other. We have a small dog & name her Wesleigh, but agree that getting a dachshund I'd be allergic to solely so we can name her Jadzia Dachs would be going too far.
  10. Being together feels like the Warsan Shire line: sweeter than solitude.