1. Nelle-Belle
    Used insultingly by one relative & lovingly by two others, who now have exclusive rights to its use.
  2. Jobie
    For reasons obvious if you know my full name & somewhat uncomfortably revelatory if you don't, but included because it will always be my favourite.
  3. Hoot Hoot
    From a child I babysat. I don't know. Not sure I want to.
  4. Dani
    Because the struggle to correctly pronounce my actual name was all too real for far too many people.
  5. D
    & again.
  6. The Tall One
    Bestowed by an uncle who never could figure out my name. Irrelevant now, but impactful enough to include.
  7. Hermione
    From college, for all the reasons you'd think, including the insufferable ones. Not proud of it. But not...not proud of it?
  8. Ella
    I tried to make this stick when I was studying in Poland & needed a name that ended in /a/ to cut down on the confusion brought on by my actual name having a masculine ending. I think it caught on with like one person (in large part because i always forgot to tell people about it).
  9. Carma
    From the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants phase of my life.
  10. Nelldrik
    From a beloved (now former) coworker. Not sure why he came up with it, but I loved it and here we are.
  11. Nelle
    Self-chosen online name in order to thinly veil my true identity.