...goddamnit, Nathan.
  1. Batman - OVER
    Okay in fairness the only Batman I know is Nolan's, & omg I just can't deal. He's SO whiny & accomplishes so little & ultimately I just can't love dark superhero films (which is probably a rant for another day). But it probably depends - maybe I would love earlier Batman iterations the way I love Reeve's Superman (though ultimately I find all DC superheroes pretty overrated in general).
  2. Smelling Flowers - OVER
    Like it's fine, and flowers can be nice, but ultimately I feel like people make WAY too big a deal of it.
  3. Taylor Swift - UNDER
    OKAY HEAR ME OUT. I feel like there's this microcosm of the Internet where she's totally overexposed & part of me is like I cannot stand to hear one more thing about her. But at the end of the day, I think the majority of people really underestimate her talent & business savvy & how much those both play into her success. Like she def got dealt a GREAT hand in life (& that leads to a lot of her problematicness), but she's also used it really wisely & I think lots of people overlook that part.
  4. Arrested Development - OVER
    Idk, I've watched a lot of it, and it's funny, sure. But for me, there are so many better comedies, ones with more heart and funnier jokes and better characters that actually make me want to care about them. I don't get why so many people seem to think AD is the end all be all of sitcoms.
  5. Money - UNDER
    I don't think gaining money should be anyone's singular pursuit - I think you miss out on a lot of life and good relationships that way. But ultimately, while it's true that money can't buy contentment/happiness, it can sure as hell buy health & free time & lack of stress/anxiety & a lot of other things people who have never had to worry about money take for granted.