A, I actually loved this movie, both in general & way more than I expected to (I tend to like books about stranded people, but not films). B, I've not read the book, so I don't know if I would feel differently had I done so. C, I would be surprised to find out any of this was done on purpose, not to mention maliciously. This shit is just insidious.
  1. Has it been long enough to not cut for spoilers?
  2. I'm gonna do it anyway.
  3. Just to be safe.
  4. When Matt Damon almost didn't cry at all.
    Okay so he did end up crying at the VERY end, but like are you telling me someone who wakes up to find himself left for dead/stranded/entirely alone on a planet wouldn't shed a single solitary tear until a year in? Please. If this character had been a woman, there would have been an extended sobbing scene shortly after she woke up & another when the potatoes died.
  5. When Kristen Wiig, the only woman in the room, was also the only person who didn't get the LOTR reference.
    Bitches hate Tolkien amirite.
  6. When Kate Mara randomly kissed & ultimately had a baby with Sebastian Stan.
    Because no intelligent woman could have a successful career as an astronaut AND remain happily single, you know? (But seriously, had she & Seb's character even talked before that moment?! Like the whole kiss nonsense felt shoehorned in & was just bad writing. The baby thing tipped it over into offensive.)