Full disclosure: this has been sitting partially finished in my drafts for weeks, but this perfect list by @gwcoffey inspired me to finally finish it - WORST KIND OF PEOPLE, RANKED
  1. The inventor of wallpaper.
    It's just papered wall after endless papered wall. They have to remove the wallpaper from each segment. Every time they think they're almost done, more walls appear.
  2. People who go below the speed limit in the left lane.
    They have to spend eternity driving. The car they're in doesn't go any slower than 70, but there are a ton of other drivers around them going 55. If they crash, they get revived & dropped back into the midst of the slow drivers (basically like MarioKart).
  3. People who don't accelerate while merging onto the freeway.
    Maybe they belong in the same circle as # 2.
  4. People who leave a car's length between them & whoever's in front of them in a drive through.
    As punishment they have to spend eternity queuing with the people who think it's appropriate to stand close enough to physically touch the people they're behind in a queue.
  5. People who think it's appropriate to stand close enough to physically touch the people they're behind in a queue.
    I guess logistically they have to be in the same circle as above, but they definitely need a different punishment. Not totally sure what.
  6. People who try to get on the train or elevator before the people who need to disembark have done so.
    They spend eternity on a train or elevator. It's always their stop/floor. They can never make it off before the doors close.
  7. People who think art/music/theater is automatically bad if it appeals to the masses.
    Enjoy your eternity in a museum/theater/music venue filled with actual bad art the likes of which you haven't seen since those undergrad art/writing classes full of clueless rich white boys.
  8. People who are assholes to food service/retail workers.
    They have to spend eternity waiting on Satan & all his demons, who are obviously impossible to please.
  9. Bad tippers
    Imagine having to say to Satan that you can't make rent this hour because demons are lousy tippers!
    Suggested by @mwbarnhart54
  10. Donald Trump
    He has to spend eternity as a poor Muslim woman living in Yemen.
    Suggested by @jz
  11. People who cut in front of you on the highway and then go slower than you were
    Like really? You went through all that hassle to speed up, dangerously squeeze into the barely there space in front of me and you're hitting the brakes? Why didnt you just stay behind me? What was the point of this? Why don't you want other people to be happy?
    Suggested by @bellaemath
  12. Anyone that could purposely harm a dog
    Suggested by @BWN_7
  13. Dick Cheney
    Requires no explanation
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  14. Wine snobs
    If I hear them say "viscosity" one more time...
    Suggested by @sl
  15. People who come to your house for dinner on a weeknight and stay past 8:30.
    They have to spend eternity with house guests who never leave even though they have to get up early the next morning for work.
  16. People who don't call ahead to order a traveler from a coffee shop, ESPECIALLY if it's during morning rush & even MORE especially if they go through the drive through to order.
    They have to spend eternity switching off between waiting in line behind their ilk and being the barista who has to make their traveler and also keep all the people in line behind them happy. If the culprit ever asked why it was taking so long to make, then they have to suffer all of the above while it's perpetually the middle of morning rush & everyone else in line is drinking brewed coffee.