My grandmother took photos of everyone & every major event in her life and had dozens of photo albums dating from her childhood onward - when she got sick & we had to sell her house, my mom entrusted the albums to my cousin, who has been their keeper since. Someday we're gonna digitize them all, but for now I have low quality iPhone pics!
  1. Me, being completely adorable.
    Obvious choice for a new profile pic. I still look a lot like this but with straighter teeth and worse hair (I know, but yes) and Vulcan brows (not on purpose!) and a few wrinkles.
  2. My sisters & me.
  3. @crackdkettle & I bonding.
  4. I don't know why, but my expression in this is so hilarious to me.
  5. My older sister & me, reading a book & eating See's, a classic activity in our family to this very day.
  6. Me being an amazing big sister, per usual, & showing @crackdkettle how to correctly play with some horses.
  7. My grandma & me. I think we're supposed to be showing off a gift she'd just been given?
    Which is the case on the shelf by her hand, containing a miniature tea set made of quail eggs. I think it's hideous now, but I loved it when I was little.
  8. A small portion of pictures, names, and descriptions of each of the 50 students in the first class my grandmother ever taught: third grade, 1952.
  9. My favorite of the descriptions of her students: 'Tom Scanlon, quiet except when you want him to be.'
    My grandma had such a great sense of humor and a little quip for everything.
  10. My great-grandma Trudy's baby portrait.
  11. My sisters, cousins, & me.
    I took a photo of this because I look adorable & only later realized how hilarious my older sister looks & the fact that my youngest cousin isn't even looking at the camera. But hey, I look great. #priorities
  12. My mom & aunt.
    My mom (on the right here) would kill me if she knew I was posting this, but she posts awful pictures of me to FB all the time, so #noregrets. Besides, I actually think she looks great? Very early 90s, but great. And honestly what impresses me most about this picture is she's hardly aged a day.