I live 40ish miles from work. In the mornings, it takes about an hour and twenty minutes to get there. At night it usually takes two hours and twenty minutes, although so far there's been one night each week that it's taken me over three hours, so that's a thing.
  1. I'm in my car.
    Various commutes I had at various times when I lived in NYC were a similar length, timewise, but took so much more out of me, emotionally. I genuinely couldn't leave my apartment without getting street harassed in some form or another, whether verbal or physical. I'd come home on Friday nights & not leave until Monday morning because the thought alone made me so anxious. Even the nice people were still people; still required interaction from me. My car allows me true solace.
  2. I'm great at merging/changing lanes in traffic.
    Maybe learning to drive in SoCal explains it, but if merging into & then across six lanes of traffic during rush hour in LA were an Olympic sport I would 120% be a gold medalist. You just gotta hit that perfect balance between aggression and communicating friendly appreciation via wave. & making it all the way over to my chosen lane in 30 seconds makes me feel weirdly powerful. I love that rush.
  3. I love to drive.
    It just relaxes me, no matter how much traffic there is. Sometimes people make me angry, but honestly I have so much less road rage in LA traffic where we're all crawling than in situations where people are zooming around and cutting you off & others are going 55 in the left lane for no reason.
  4. Steve Rogers
    There's a guy who rides a motorcycle who wears one of those Captain America shield backpacks, and every night, at some point during my commute, he zooms by my window. I know he's not actually Steve, but it still makes my heart skip a beat every time. I love him.
  5. Audiobooks
    I haven't had the energy to read books for a long time, at least not when I'm working. I want to, but I never do it, so reading while I'm driving is perfect. & while with a shorter commute, audiobooks seemed pointless, I now have a good chunk of time to get through a fair bit. I'm currently listening to The Cuckoo's Calling, & have hit the point where I'm actually disappointed to get home.
  6. Introvert time.
    When my commute was 30 minutes or so I'd get home from work & want to do nothing but put on pajamas and speak to no one for the rest of the day. Now I do all my decompressing on the drive home, and by the time I get there, I want to see my friends or go out somewhere or what have you. It's not that I have more of a life now, but I actually want to? Which is a totally new thing for me & I love it.