Yesterday my pastor told us about a Harvard study (may not have been an actual Harvard study) that shows that if you write down three things you're thankful for twice a day you become a more grateful/better person. I'm not gonna post every one here, but I figured I'd do the first day, for posterity.
  1. Not having to wake up to an alarm.
    Perks of being only semi-employed.
  2. Blue skies.
    I've been complaining about the Santa Anas this past week, but if I really am honest, I'm so happy to not be dealing with DC weather right now.
  3. Getting sent work this morning.
    I'm doing freelance data entry for my old company at the moment & the past few weeks I've gotten less work, which = unhappy bank account.
  4. 25
    I know I'm so late to the party but I finally got it and it's ~everything.
  5. Whiskey
    I'm getting a cold. ☹️
  6. My Russian teacher.
    She's so kind and encouraging but also tough and I adore her. Every week she tells us about some natural remedy we should be using (last week she told me to walk barefoot in dewy grass every morning; this week she suggested an acupuncture mat) & even better, will share stories from her life in Siberia during Communism (or today she told us about her family's experiences during the Russian Revolution). I just love having her in my life.