1. If our world suddenly became Game of Thrones I would not hesitate for even one second to swear allegiance to House Kardashian.
    I would die on a battlefield for Khloe.
  2. The Muppets aren't all that.
    Do I still love Muppet Treasure Island & watch Muppet Christmas Carol every December? Hell yes. But that is the maximum amount of Muppets I need in my life.
  3. Speaking of Muppet Christmas Carol...
    'When Love is Gone' is not only one of the best songs, it is also PIVOTAL a, to understanding Scrooge as a person & b, to his character development. I will cling to my unedited (read: NOT RUINED, DISNEY) VHS copy until the day I die (or get it transferred onto a DVD).
  4. Kristen Stewart is one of the best actresses of our time.
    It's called subtlety. Watch her eyes. Watch the corners of her mouth. She's amazing. (If she were a man, this wouldn't even be a conversation.)
  5. We need to stop spending so much money on pandas.
    There are so many other species that need our help & yet somehow pandas are the only ones getting all this PR. Stop putting such an extreme amount of effort into a species that can't be bothered to feed themselves or have sex.
  6. Tomorrowland was a good film.
    A, Casey Newton is So Important. When I was growing up - even like seven years ago - that character would've been a boy. Instead we have a girl who wants to be an engineer, who is encouraged by her dad to be so, & who saves the world. B, it's still a working theory, but I'm pretty sure Keegan-Michael Key's presence makes anything good. C, it's a movie for children; have some appropriate expectations.
  7. Decaf = just fine.
    Caffeine is not the point of coffee. Coffee is the point of coffee. (I've always felt this but also getting older has made me caffeine sensitive (which is a weird experience because it used to have zero effect on me (except for that time when I was a barista & we were playing the lava game at work & if you stepped on lava you had to drink an espresso shot & I drank 16 shots in the space of 90 minutes). Sometimes (all times) I want coffee after 3pm but also want to be able to sleep that night.)