1. I have the best boss in the world.
    He introduced the presenter by apologizing for the fact we have to have this conversation. & then he told us that his top priority is our safety & that it's one of the things that keeps him up at nights.
  2. 'Active shooters' don't usually have any criminal intent 'besides' mass murder.
    You know, just that barely-a-misdemeanor thing where you kill a bunch of people.
  3. 'Active shooters' are usually 'mentally unstable'.
    Then in a shocking twist, all the examples given were white dudes. 🙄🙄🙄
  4. The law enforcement officer assigned to our office is not named Officer Booty, even though I would have sworn that's what the presenter said approximately 15 times.
  5. Literally anyone with any type of gun during this situation could be law enforcement, but they should have a badge.
    So just go ahead and ask to see that, apparently. You've got nothing but time for rational conversation in these situations.
  6. There is no presumption of innocence during an active shooter situation so make sure you don't act like a shooter, which potentially starts with not carrying a gun & also having your hands up at all times but also includes other indicators not elaborated upon.
    So I'll just figure that one out in the moment I guess.
  7. I need to learn how to triage my own gunshot wounds because paramedics won't enter the building until it's been cleared by law enforcement.
    If we get injured we're supposed to 'drag [our]selves to a hiding place' and 'wait it out'.
  8. We will not have time to grab any personal belongings on our way to the shelter locations, but we are expected to have plenty of time to drag a gigantic steel filing cabinet into the shelter with us to barricade the door.
  9. Whomever wrote the presentation did not know the multiple possible meanings of the phrase 'safe word'.
  10. There's an possibility I've chosen at terrible career path if I want to avoid guns forever.
    I definitely have.