Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Bring me coffee every morning.
    Black with sugar & cream on the side because I'm a monster with trust issues.
  2. Make (or bring) me breakfast every morning.
    I'm really into soup right now, but if you wanna just toss me an Epic Bar that works too.
  3. Make my monthly playlists.
    So necessary, but I get overwhelmed by choice.
  4. Organize/deal with all the paperwork I've finished processing & go to UPS to ship whatever needs to be sent back to the client
    Worst part of my job rn. My bedroom floor is shamefully disastrous.
  5. Make all my phone calls for me.
    I rarely have to make phone calls, but when I do it takes me like a week to talk myself into doing it.
  6. Keep track of my tv watching schedule, & make me stick to it.
    I'm like 5 episodes behind on Bizarre Foods & don't even get me started on Sleepy Hollow or Blindspot, & that doesn't even begin to scratch the surface.
  7. Figure out how I can become a Polish citizen and make it happen.
    I'm gonna need time to take full advantage of my status as an EU citizen before it falls apart or Poland swings so far right they do something stupid like actually leave.