Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. The fact that it's morning.
    Morning is the best part of the day. The earlier the better.
  2. Coffee.
    I drink coffee pretty much every day, but it's just nicer to drink when I'm not working (or on my way to work, but I'm working from home right now, so my commute is nonexistent).
  3. Sunday School
    This is a mixed bag. I volunteer with the 2nd/3rd graders, and sometimes I struggle to show up & half the time I want to rip my (or theirs tbqh) hair out, but there's always at least one moment where I'm like, okay, I love these little monsters. Today's was when one of the girls who joined my small group a couple weeks ago got up from across the room during the lesson expressly to come sit next to me & then whispered silly commentary to me the whole time.
  4. When Sunday School is over.
    There's nothing quite as peaceful as a room 100 hyper 2nd/3rd graders have just vacated.
  5. Going to church.
    I grew up in the Protestant church, & my relationship with it for the past several years has been rocky, at best. But my recent move back to California has meant I can attend the church I grew up in, & it's just home to me, in a way very few other places are. I'm not 100% in agreement with them doctrinally, but they are a lot of things I think churches should be, and it's working for me right now (this could probably be a whole other list).