In applying for jobs, I've had to fill out several lists of all the places I've lived in the past 7-10 years. There have been a lot. These were my favorites.
  1. 5. Townhouse - Alexandria, VA
    This would rank higher if it had just been my sister & I instead of an additional roommate (the first a now-former friend; the second a stranger), & if we'd had better neighbors. But the house was lovely, & the location was great for everywhere we needed/wanted to go - which was mainly work, downtown DC, Old Town Alexandria, & Trader Joe's.
  2. 4. Third Floor of a Brownstone - Boerum Hill, NY
    A well-appointed bedroom & the apartment's fantastic location almost made up for my generally shitty roommates and the creepy dude who lived in the basement apartment.
  3. 3. Fifth-Floor Apartment - Warsaw, Poland
    This apartment was amazing, other than the lack of AC/screens & the fact that it was a very hot summer, which led to me waking up one day with a pigeon in my room. But my flatmate was hardly home & great when she was, the kitchen was gorgeous, it was convenient to work, & it was semi-convenient to shops & tourist sites. Plus it had a jacuzzi tub that I basically treated as a pool by filling it with lukewarm water & living in it on weekends to stay cool.
  4. 2. Garage Apartment, The Pink House - San Diego, CA
    Senior year of college bc we couldn't get on campus. Shared with my then-bff. The bedroom was so narrow we slept on air mattresses. Our couch was also an air mattress, our shelves & tv stand were cinder blocks, & we only had one chair for the ancient card table we had for dining/roommate's sewing machine. Our landlady was the most darling woman I've ever met & we lived across the street from the ocean. It was splendid.
  5. 1. Childhood Home - Irvine, CA
    Home is where my family is, but also... I will always feel inextricably bound to this house. My grandparents bought it new in the 70s; my mom grew up there; when I was 5, we moved in with my grandma 'for 6 months' and stayed for 16yrs. When my grandma got sick & my mom got remarried it had to be sold. I feel like our ghosts remain there, even if strangers live in it now. (Also my mom sprinkled most of my grandma's ashes in her rose garden, which was her wish & probably another list in itself.)