1. 5. [European] First-Floor Apartment - Kraków, Poland
    Honestly this place was pretty great & is really only here so the list can be complete. It was in a great district of Kraków, had a fabulous bathroom & a decent kitchen, had charming old fashioned keys, & one of my roommates was this amazing German girl I adored. Loses points for distance from my classes & American roommate who was loud, crass, never cleaned up after herself, & threw parties without asking/letting us know.
  2. 4. Parents' House - Small Town Texas
    I mean the house was fine, & I made great friends while living here, but I'm neither a Texas nor a small town kind of girl. Add in the fact that I'm not a fan of my stepfather & the fact that there was a dress code, & just ugh. I thought about getting my own place several times, but couldn't really afford it, plus I didn't have my own car (my parents had an extra they let me use to go to work but I had to get permission to use it otherwise). Did I say ugh?
  3. 3. [American] First-Floor Apartment - Fairview, OR
    My college roommate/bff & I decided we wanted to live in Portland & moved up here a few months after graduation. The apartment itself wasn't terrible, though the above stairs neighbors & their bass were. But I had wanted to live in Portland & this was really too far out to have that experience - particularly as I didn't have a car. I also couldn't afford a bed & slept on an air mattress the whole six months I lived here, which for some reason was depressing once I'd graduated.
  4. 2. Law Student Apartments - Flushing, NY
    Lived here for 2 years; had 4 different roommates. The apartments themselves were great, especially for NYC, but location was the wooorst. The only nearby stores were a Family Dollar & an overpriced Key Foods. The closest subway was over a mile away & getting to Manhattan was barely worth the trouble. Add in roommates who hated me for no reason & spread a bunch of inane but also patently untrue rumors about me around school, &. Yeah.
  5. 1. Student Dorm - Warsaw, Poland
    The room was at the furthest end of the hall from the bathroom, which was co-ed. My roommate was a Ukrainian-American girl who hated Poland (but had chosen to study abroad there??) & watched National Treasure every day (EVERY. DAY.) with her headphones at full volume. When she wasn't watching NT she listened to Pussycat Dolls, also at full volume. & every night (EVERY. NIGHT.) between 2 & 3 am some drunk asshole or another would pull the fire alarm. There was never a fire. Not one.