Inspired by everyone
  1. April Ludgate
    Works for the government kind of by accident in a job I'm not actually sure how I got. Still unsure of/insecure in my own talents. Hides behind cynicism to avoid getting hurt. Not sure how I'm old enough to be expected to be a responsible adult or how I can actually make it happen. Weirdly attracted to childlike men. Loves dogs.
  2. Leslie Knope
    Has a gov't job she loves & excels at. Doesn't let people's cynicism toward her get in the way of achieving her goals. Meets her heroes & both impresses & freaks them out & is cool with it. Sees the best in [almost] everyone, but isn't afraid to call people on their shit. Protective of the people she loves, esp other women. Competitive af. Marries/loves a person who isn't intimidated by her brains & ambition, supports her dreams, & doesn't expect her to make herself smaller for his sake.
  3. Ben Wyatt
    Finally finds the perfect government job after years of hard work at jobs that didn't quite fit. Massive fanfic-writing dork. Lowkey bi af. Succeeds in spite of seemingly squandering all his potential at a young age. Never quite conquers propensity to put foot in mouth at worst possible moment. Also competitive af. Married to/in love with a super-competent, brilliant person who supports his dreams just as he supports hers. Loves calzones & puns. Doesn't hate libraries.