1. Work keeps sending me stuff to process that's already past deadline and being like 'this needs to be in no later than tomorrow!' except it's like 2-3 days' worth of work.
    I literally want to cry/throw up every time I open the packages.
  2. People who write checks for $1 (& really anything less than $5).
    Dudes are you for real? This should be illegal.
  3. A rib head subluxation my chiro in VA fixed for me last June has recurred and my back/shoulder is killing me.
    Okay it actually popped out like two months ago and I've been in denial bc $$ and finding a good chiropractor is hard, but it's either getting worse or my tolerance is decreasing due to stress.
  4. I have to get a drug test done by Thursday morning, and just thinking about taking the time to go do it makes me so anxious because I have so. much. work.
    See # 1.
  5. Spotify's shuffle function.
    How can anything be this useless.
  6. Me, for taking a break from work to make this list.
    get back to work @nelle you fool