1. Given my phone number to the super cute guy who randomly started talking to me in line at a Starbucks in LA.
    At first I tried to shut him down, but he was too persistent. But somehow not in an annoying/creepy way? & then we talked for like 40 minutes & he was so cute? & my sister was there & approved (which is MAJOR)?
  2. Not internet stalked said guy.
    Again: MAJOR. This is pretty much my first move when I know the full name of a cute person. But I feel like I need to not with him?
  3. Made my own decision about whether to text him first.
    I admittedly tried to crowdsource this, but there was a 50/50 split & tiebreaker friend is out of the country so that was fruitless.
  4. Ended up texting him first.
    Mostly because the one other time I gave my number to a guy I'd just met he never texted me, but he was a friend of a friend so I ended up encountering him later & it's a long story, but basically it was a fucking disaster & I don't want this to be?
  5. Had about a thousand heart attacks in the hour & seven minutes it took him to text me back.
    Metaphorically. #imanadult
  6. Cleaned a gallon of gravy out of the trunk of my car.
    Unrelated, but it had to be done, due to a hasty decision and the tragic results of a yellow light brake-slamming. I now have the cleanest spare tire well of probably anyone you will ever know.