Like if the only thing we get out of GMW is the prominence of Rowan Blanchard then it's totally worth it, but I still have a lot of questions.
  1. Do you know what history is?
    Follow up: do you know what history isn't? NINETY-FIVE PERCENT OF WHAT CORY TEACHES.
  2. Have you ever been to a class in a school?
    I was homeschooled all the way through hs & even I am pretty sure this is an insanely unrealistic portrayal even for tv.
  3. How did Cory somehow graduate with a degree that allowed him to procure a teaching position in a junior high without ever learning how to write lesson plans?
    Like there's no way he's planning this disaster of a class out, right?
  4. How is Farkle so cool with teaching himself & the rest of his class like 90% of the material they're actually supposed to be learning?
    I'm not saying I'm a genius but people called me Hermione in college for a reason. I'm the kid who was upset when class was cancelled or the prof let us go early. I once reported a professor for being late too often & cancelling class more often than I felt was fair. I still would have in no way been cool with this.
  5. How is every kid in the class so cool with Farkle teaching them like 90% of the material they're actually supposed to be learning?
    If I weren't Farkle I still would be basically living at the principal's office, complaining about what a terrible teacher Cory is.
  6. Seriously do you know what history is?!?
    I am vvv concerned about this tbqh.
  7. How can Topanga be a high-powered corporate attorney, own a bakery, and be home during the day like all the time?
    Like really. I know this is a pretty classic move for tv, but really?!
  8. How has Cory not been fired?
    Or at least written up like 800 times for NEVER DOING HIS JOB.
  9. How/why did 3 kids just jump on a train to Texas?
    Who even travels by rail anymore & also it would have taken them like three days?! Or was that supposed to be a joke I didn't get??
  10. What crazy AU version of Sense & Sensibility did you even read?!?!?
    Like you can't just modify the plots of classic books to parallel your stupid love triangle?!