& to think I was worried...?!?!?
  1. Watched two movies.
    'Whoa, she's being impressively chill,' I thought.
  2. Sent emails.
    Dying to know what they say, actually.
  3. Cleaned the dining room.
    'I'm just putting my purse away,' she lied to me, through gritted teeth, since she's not supposed to be talking.
  4. Did yard work.
    Before we caught her & my sister forced her to come back inside & lie down.
  5. Got out of bed after five minutes to go send more emails.
    My sister & I thought maybe she was doing that thing where people act super lucid after surgery but end up doing ridiculous things, but we haven't received concerned inquiries from any family members she's likely to have written, so that theory is pretty much out.
  6. Researched houses online/texted with her realtor about plans to go see houses today.
    TODAY. (Also I saw her texts to him; they made perfect sense.)
  7. Watched another movie.
  8. Went to bed.
    At her usual time. After not napping even a little all day because she is clearly some kind of mutant.
  9. 'Slept in' until 6 before getting up to go on her usual morning walk.
    'I feel GREAT!' she said to me, when she came in 20 minutes ago to bring the dogs back.
  10. Talked to me about her plans (!) for the day & asked if I wanted to come see houses with her & the realtor.
    'Maybe you should text me; aren't you not supposed to be talking?' I asked (knowing full well she wasn't). 'I'm not moving my jaw,' she said. (She SO was.)
  11. Slipped out for another walk sans dogs while I was writing this list.
    Seriously not a human.