Nick & I met at AWANA (a church thing) when I was a sophomore & he was a freshman. One of the best things about living in SoCal again is being able to hang out with him. I started this list ages ago & never knew how to finish it...not sure it's finished now, but that's what #draftmas is about, right? (Seriously though, right?)
  1. Facebook stalking/judging the people from our highschool church group.
    And their spouses & children. & their siblings. & their siblings' spouses & children. We're 29 & single and not at all bitter about it; leave us alone.
  2. Complaining about our respective mothers.
    Always prefaced with 'I love my mom, but...'
  3. Him having a terrible opinion about something.
    We're currently in a months-long fight about the literary merits of LM Montgomery novels, but he'll often blindside me with something else too.
  4. Discussion of politics.
    I hate discussing politics with other people, especially when they disagree with me on as much as he does, but somehow we always end up here & it somehow works for us?
  5. Me literally in tears about how much I love Hillary Clinton & getting super distressed about the upcoming year.
    Okay this is just like my permanent state rn. I'm gonna be a mess at least through the convention and he's great about it, even though he'd probably never vote for her himself.