Jumping on @joemurphy's bandwagon.
  1. Babcia Ofelia
    Pictured here with my uncle, Ofelia is my grandfather's first cousin by marriage & lives on a farm in the village where my great-grandmother was born. She's strong-bodied & strong-willed & hilarious & makes the best wine & the best zurek (a traditional soup) you will ever have - & you'll have a lot because she'll make you.
  2. Turkish Coffee, Polish style
  3. Miranda Hart
  4. This Betty Crocker cookbook
    Given to my grandmother by her mother as a wedding gift in 1954. It contains my favorite brownie & sugar cookie recipes, and handwritten by my grandmother in the endpapers are our family spaghetti sauce & sweet potato stuffing recipes.
  5. A red or green Haribo gold-bear
  6. My Kitchen Aid
  7. An obwarzanek
    Anyone who tells you this is a bagel is a liar from the pits of hell.
  8. The Anne of Green Gables Series
  9. Smok Wawelski (The Wawel Dragon)
  10. Ikea
  11. This bear
  12. Hillary Clinton
  13. An elephant
  14. Hillary Clinton on an elephant
  15. This Anastasia .gif that isn't gonna show up as a .gif.