1. New. Adele.
  2. Finally finished my application for government clearance this morning!
    Thank god I: already had a document of all my former addresses, had an LJ, know how to Google stalk former work supervisors/colleagues, actually know stuff about my family members like middle names & birthdays, have a mother who actually knows where my dad & stepdad were born, & was able to contact/internet stalk enough friends who know stuff about me like where I lived for the past 3-7 years.
  3. Got more work from the company I'm doing freelance for.
    & most of it isn't the complicated kind.
  4. Am going to a taping of the Late Late Show this afternoon.
    James Corden 😍😍😍
  5. Episode 2 of @thelistpodcast is up!!!
    Genuinely had to force myself to stop refreshing the podcast page in iTunes as of a few days ago.
  6. Work sent me some candy & this happened.
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