But I keep asking her anyway.
  1. She's for sure my favorite puppyface forever.
    You even have to ask?
  2. Snuggling initiated by me is never appropriate, particularly if it interferes with her intense schedule of napping.
    no touching (except for scritches) (see #s 4 & 5)
  3. She is indeed the cutest dog in the whole world.
    I mean...
  4. She always needs scritches.
    'gurrrrlll, yessss' is clearly what she's thinking here
  5. I should therefore always be giving her aforementioned scritches.
    even if I'm doing other things, like peeing.
  6. She always misses me when I leave the house.
    this is how she sits pretty much the whole time my sister is gone. 😢
  7. I am a total monster for leaving her & should never do it again.
    let me put my face in your face so you remember why you love me
  8. Hell yeah she wants a treat!
  9. *bonus cuteness*