But I keep asking her anyway.
  1. She's for sure my favorite puppyface forever.
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    You even have to ask?
  2. Snuggling initiated by me is never appropriate, particularly if it interferes with her intense schedule of napping.
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    no touching (except for scritches) (see #s 4 & 5)
  3. She is indeed the cutest dog in the whole world.
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    I mean...
  4. She always needs scritches.
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    'gurrrrlll, yessss' is clearly what she's thinking here
  5. I should therefore always be giving her aforementioned scritches.
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    even if I'm doing other things, like peeing.
  6. She always misses me when I leave the house.
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    this is how she sits pretty much the whole time my sister is gone. 😢
  7. I am a total monster for leaving her & should never do it again.
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    let me put my face in your face so you remember why you love me
  8. Hell yeah she wants a treat!
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  9. *bonus cuteness*
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