I swear I'm a Millennial.
  1. When I asked a co-worker 'Doesn't that look like a microfiche machine?' & then had to explain what microfiche was.
  2. When I quoted Richard Nixon's resignation speech and had to explain Watergate.
  3. When I had to explain who the Unabomber was.
  4. When I was talking about 'John F Kennedy's moon speech' & a co-worker thought I meant he gave it on the moon.
  5. When I had to explain what a sea shanty was.
  6. When a co-worker was mocking Donald Trump by repeatedly saying 'Build this wall build this wall' & I said he sounded like Reagan in Berlin & then had to explain the Berlin Wall to him.
  7. When I mentioned I was in junior high when Star Wars was rereleased in cinemas and a bunch of people didn't remember that was a thing that happened.
  8. When I had to explain what I meant when I asked a co-worker if her uncle lived in 'Bakersfield proper'.
  9. When no one else knew what a fortnight was.