The truth is I want to go everywhere, but these are my priorities - mostly because they're the places I've wanted to visit the longest, or because people I love are there or have been there & I love experiencing the things loved by the people I love.
  1. Hawaii
    The one state I haven't visited.
  2. Nunavut, Northwest Territory, & Newfoundland & Labrador
    The three provinces/territories I haven't visited yet. I'm counting these as one because I'd do them all in one trip, not so I can fit more items on this list. Yeah I'm going with that.
  3. Antarctica
    This is the dream. I've wanted to visit ever since reading Troubling a Star by Madeleine L'Engle. Has the added bonus of being the one continent my BFF hasn't made it to, and I would just really love to win this one, since he got Asia, Africa, Australia, & South America (I'm pretty sure I won Europe? & I def got North America by being born first, so HA).
  4. Russia & Mongolia & China
    I want to take the Trans Siberian Railway from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok then connect to Beijing & then take it back to Moscow via Mongolia. I don't know if I could actually spend two weeks on a train alone though, but also don't know if either one of my sisters would go for it (& they're the only ones I could see doing it with).
  5. Greece & Rome
    Paired because I was OBSESSED with Ancient Greece & Rome in grade school/junior high, and I plan to make this one trip. My obsession has cooled to mere fascination, but I still want to see all the ancient sites and ruins, & more important to me now, the way they meld or clash with modern life.
  6. Australia & New Zealand
    Have wanted to visit for years out of lowkey envy of friends who have gone & had an amazing time. So part of it is just seniority on my list, although I also need Australia for my continent checklist, and I also have friends there now. And finally, I'm enough of a nerd to just really want to see LOTR + Mako Mermaids filming locations.
  7. South Africa
    One of my best friends my senior year of high school was South African, and one of my flat mates in Poland had lived there for several years. I'm not in contact with either one of them anymore (& haven't been for ages), and I've forgotten all the details of what they told me, but I remember thinking it sounded so beautiful.
  8. Tbilisi, Georgia
    I've wanted to visit Central Asia ever since I was Tajikistan for Model UN my senior year of highschool (which I spent at a community college). Georgia is sort of borderline Eastern Europe/Central Asia, but my older sister lives in Tbilisi at the moment, & I want to visit her & do a bit of traveling in the surrounding countries, if possible. Former Soviet states interest me on an intellectual/textbook level, but I want to visit more of them & make that interest more personal.
  9. Cuba
    One of my MUN friends was OBSESSED with Cuba (I feel like she had been several times? She wasn't American, so maybe this is plausible?). It was the first time in my life I'd ever heard anyone talk positively about a non-democratic country in general & Cuba especially, and it FASCINATED me. & now a visit is feasible!!
  10. Peru
    Because I'm dying to see Machu Picchu, & also when I was in...6th grade, maybe? grandfather & then-step-grandmother did an Amazon trail trip through Peru, & even though the thought of the jungle & Equatorial weather scare the hell out of me, I've wanted to make a similar trip ever since (& now I've watched way too many episodes of Bizarre Foods to not be super into the idea regardless).