like with the verrrrryyyy least amount of Petrelli/Winchester/Lannister vibes possible
  1. My favorite sour patch kids are blues and reds; hers are the gross ones.
  2. We both understand that chocolate is life, and dark chocolate >>>>>>>>> all other substances masquerading as chocolate.
  3. We appreciate each other's cooking (even though she doesn't think she's a good cook (she is!)).
  4. We argue the same way.
    (fight. go away & cool down. sometimes apologize. get over it & basically never speak of it again.)
  5. She has learned not to murder me for (almost) never emptying the dish drainer.
  6. I have learned not to murder her for being so weird about emptying the dish drainer.
  7. We vacation in the same way (aka the right way).
    It's basically like one part planning, two parts winging it, several parts creating a perfect balance between relaxation and sightseeing, and a few extra parts not overpacking or taking two hours to get ready of a morning.
  8. We have (mostly) learned to sleep in the same bed without almost murdering each other either in our sleep or the next morning.
  9. We share the smallest bathroom in the world & there are no problems.
  10. We can talk to each other about our problematic faves without fear of judgment.
  11. We can judge other people's problematic faves without fear of judgment.
  12. She remembers details about books and films that I don't.
  13. She is the logical, reflective Spock to my impetuous, emotion-driven Bones.
  14. Probably a lot of other things I'm forgetting.