1. I drink a lot more coffee.
    Like objectively a lot, but also as in any. Back then it was one cup of English Breakfast tea in the morning.
  2. I stay in my pyjamas all day.
    Why did I not want to do this as a kid? (Not that my mother would have allowed it anyway.)
  3. My procrastination techniques are much less intellectually beneficial.
    Wasting time on the Internet was a lot harder with dial up, not to mention that we weren't really allowed to tie up the phone line during the day. You'd be far more likely to find me reading a novel.
  4. Fewer 'field trips'.
    This usually meant trips to the beach.
  5. Better music.
    Partly because back then I was only allowed to listen to musicals and Contemporary Christian, partly because my music collection is just a lot bigger now (still have/frequently listen to the musicals though).